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You who already know that every year there are a few thousand kilometres on your legs, that you like challenges or reach the end of the mythical stage of the Tour, the Vuelta or the Volta als Ports. We offer you the option of preparing a training session or a high altitude getaway in Andorra.

At the end of the stage, such as Collado de la Gallina, Arcalís or Pal, Andorra has quite defined specificities, such as important average heights and great unevennesses or the temporary decrease in the concentration of oxygen (hypoxia) that produces a considerable number of modifications in our body.

All this complemented with the services of our resort like Spa and free professional gym to make the most of your time and improve your physical condition.

*If your objectives are more ludic or you are considering more tranquil and cycling tours, look at the section on cycling tourism.

*AnyósPark is recognized by the Bikefriendly seal of quality in the world of cycling.

Recorridos - carretera AnyósPark Mountain

Recorridos - carretera

- La Volta als ports
- Aravell
- Coll d’ordino Beixalís
- Puigcerdà
- Arcalís-Pal

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