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Велосипедный опыт AnyósPark Mountain


Bicycle-touring AnyósPark Mountain

AnyósPark, always committed to an active holiday, offers you the option of combining sports and getting to know a whole country that goes far beyond shopping and skiing at the stroke of a pedal.

Cycling is our proposal to take advantage of leisure time and for this we have focused our services and facilities so that your excursions through the valleys of Andorra are of maximum value and are complemented by the relaxation of our Spa or fitness with our activities sports and gym.

Our proposals are for family groups, friends, couples or individuals interested in knowing our environment in a fun and healthy way.

* If your goals are to achieve greater challenges, look in the section Amateur and PRO.

* AnyósPark is recognized by the Bikefriendly seal of quality in the world of bicycle touring.

Servicios gratuitos cicloturistas Bicycle-touring AnyósPark Mountain
Servicios gratuitos cicloturistas

- Guardabicicletas, espacio seguro para que su bicicleta este siempre protegida. -Taller básico en el que podrá realizar todo el mantenimiento necesario para que la ...

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Servicios complementarios de pago c Bicycle-touring AnyósPark Mountain
Servicios complementarios de pago c

-Picnic, para recuperar fuerzas. -Guía acompañante, si prefiere que un profesional les acompañe y les guie por los diversos itinerarios añadiendo valores a su salida. ...

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Recorridos cicloturismo Bicycle-touring AnyósPark Mountain
Recorridos cicloturismo

Visitarem 10 pobles d'Andorra amb encant, dels quals visitarem els punts d'interès més destacats

Clásica AnyosPark -El Serrat (Ordino) - AnyosPark
Excursion en E-Bike con guía Bicycle-touring AnyósPark Mountain
Excursion en E-Bike con guía

Recorridos a medida y con toda la família racionalizando el esfuerzo a las posibilidades de cada uno y acompañados por un guía professional. Descubre la ...

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Велосипедный опыт

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